Establishment and development of long term partnerships and networks of the initial VET institutions focused on the curriculum design in the different occupational fields presents by itself good opportunities to improve the contents of VET curricula and to make them more oriented to  the international labour market needs thus enhancing effective and beneficial international movement of students and graduates in the EU. Therefore the aim of EUROPARTNERSS project was to establish the partnership of initial VET institutions from Lithuania, Germany, Italy and Portugal focused on the intensive cooperation in designing and implementing of the initial VET curricula in the occupations of Florist Manager, Administrator of Hospitality Service, Paramedic and Fashion Shop Designer. 

The project has developed 5 intellectual outputs which include the main results of the activity steps described below. Notwithstanding initially planned results and impact for VET stakeholders, the project had a significant impact for EQF level V qualification development in partner countries: two complete training programmes providing EQF level V qualification were produced and released for implementation in the EU countries where EQF level V qualification is only taking the first steps: Germany (Paramedic) and Lithuania (Administrator of Hospitality Services). Furthermore all participants from project partners get a wider view on the possibilities of implementation and comparability of EQF in different European countries. The approach of work process analysis and applied methodology provided a comprehensive tool for new curriculum development process and its better correspondence to labor market needs.

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