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The main project goals will be achieved by the following activities:

  • Analysing and comparing the work processes of selected fields (Floristic, Hospitality Management, Paramedic and Fashion shop designing) in the partners countries by identifying the main changes of the work processes and their implications to the needs of competences;
  • Comparing of the competences and learning outcomes outlined in the curricula of Floristic, Hospitality Management, Paramedic and Fashion shop designing provided by the partners' institutions;

  • Setting-up a catalogue (list) of the work processes and related competences typical for partner countries;
  • Designing of the training modules for the selected work processes;
  • Testing of the designed modules in the training systems of  partners countries;
  • Preparing guidelines for the selection, usage and adaptation of developed modules in designing the initial VET  programmes. LT | EN | DE | IT | PT